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Memory Wise: How memory works and what to do when it doesn't, by Dr Anne Unkenstein

Does our memory change with older age?

We all have memory lapses, at any age, but if we are older we may start to worry. Many of us are concerned that our memory may not be normal. However, memory glitches are common and a new book, Memory-wise, provides an important resource to understand our memory better. Memory-wise is written in a practical and easy to read manner by experienced clinical neuropsychologist, Dr Anne Unkenstein, PhD. Anne’s approach is reassuring and uses examples and vignette’s to illustrate how we remember things. The book describes common memory changes as we get older, making sense of those annoying experiences such as ‘tip of the tongue’ and ‘losing track’ of tasks. Factors that may interfere with memory are described, for example, anxiety and loss of confidence through fear of dementia. Health and lifestyle factors that may influence memory including fatigue, grief and depression are discussed - with useful strategies to minimise their impact. Anne describes how menopause many affect memory and how to nurture brain health around this time, and into the future. There is a frank discussion about dementia and the latest evidence for reducing dementia risk. Full of realistic stories and examples, the book is thoroughly researched and based on the latest evidence on brain health. Anne provides a wealth of practical strategies and advice for managing memory and maintaining confidence in our ability live well, even if we do experience some memory changes. This is wonderful book to help us all understand and care for our memory with more self-assurance.

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