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Welcome Dr Kerryn Pike, Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Updated: May 12, 2018

I'm thrilled to be able to announce that Kerryn Pike has joined YCP and is now accepting referrals for private neuropsychological assessments and interventions. Kerryn is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with 14 years’ experience in the area of ageing and dementia. She is well known to many Australian neuropsychologists and health care providers, having provided education sessions for health professionals and community groups regarding:

  • Detection of mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer dementia

  • Healthy aging

  • Group-based memory interventions (LaTCH)

Kerryn is an established scholar in the field of ageing and dementia with more than 40 publications in the international scientific literature and presentations at national and international conferences. She has worked at La Trobe University since 2008 providing lectures to psychology and neuropsychology students, supervising research projects, and offering clinical supervision. She has considerable experience across a wide diversity of adult client groups, including people with traumatic brain injury, drug and alcohol related brain injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neuropsychiatric conditions, learning disorders, and adult ADHD.

Kerryn has particular expertise in understanding and managing risk factors for cognitive decline in older age, and getting the best out of your thinking and memory – at any age! Kerryn is one of the founders and a trained facilitator in the LaTCH memory management group program – a 6-week program for older adults who want to learn skills to improve their everyday memory. At YCP, Kerryn is pleased to offer an individualised program to clients, to help implement evidence-based interventions for the maximisation of memory and other thinking skills in everyday life. If there is demand, she may offer group-based interventions in the future. Her style is warm and approachable, and she considers it important to match her assessment and intervention approach to each individual person.

Kerryn is also a Board Approved Supervisor, offering supervision to neuropsychology registrars or other clinicians.

Kerryn will be available by appointment on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

If you would like to enquire about an assessment or interventions, please contact us on 9429 0050. Referrals can be faxed to 03 8678 0645.

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