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Dr Asawari Henderson - Clinical Neuropsychologist

Asawari is a clinical neuropsychologist with over a decade of experience working in major inpatient and outpatient specialist health services across Melbourne. Her primary area of expertise is in the assessment and differential diagnosis of dementias, including atypical dementias, and other causes of memory and thinking problems in older adults. She has extensive experience in the characterisation and management of cognitive changes associated with acquired brain injury, neurological conditions, and psychiatric disorders. She is also familiar with difficulties related to various learning disorders and developmental conditions.

You can read more about Asawari in the #teamflyer below. If you'd to enquire about booking to see Asawari, please contact us via email here or call us on 03 9429 0050.

Dr Asawari Henderson, Clinical Neuropsychologist, YCP Team Flyer

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